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What is RUU? It stands for ROM Update Utility, and it is essentially official updates that will revert your phone to an OEM factory state (what you had before rooting). Note that if you are s-on, your RUU MUST have your CID to be compatible, as well as matching (or lower version) radio & hboot.

To get your phone's info, type "fastboot getvar cid" in cmd                              Full CID List
How do you use RUU?
For .exe files:
  • Run the program and let it do its work :)
  • If it doesn't work, make sure the file ends in ".exe" and not something like ".exe' ", change the name to something without spaces, and run as administrator

For zips:

  • Rename it to and move it in the fastboot folder
  • Flash it by doing
             Fastboot oem rebootRUU
             Fastboot flash zip

***Note: I myself have not done this before so I lack expertise in this area***