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All in one Toolkit

Hasoon's original thread is here, but the download link was removed due to XDA rules. I have reuploaded it here (link removed. I forgot to ask Hasoon and will add it if I am approved), with full credits going to hasoon. To those that don't know, this is basically a program that has all the basic commands in .bat files, so that instead of typing in cmd, you simply press a button. It should therefore be compatible with other htc phones supported by hasoon. As you may have noticed, the SU and recovery folders are empty. I have deleted them both for your safety (if you aren't a one s user) and for the fact that they are outdated. Download recovery yourself and follow the instructions back in the rooting page.

As for SuperSU, it is not mandatory, so you don't need to worry about it for now. If you want more info, check this out, as well as all the other great apps I have found